When it comes to getting the best out of RadioDJ it’s usually recommended you run the program as “Administrator”

Tip: RadioDJ won’t see networked drives on Windows 10 if its running as Administrator you may have to run it without elevated privileges if you want to use network drives

RadioDJ run as administrator

Although some people don’t appear to grasp the fact that it sometimes needs to be ran that way.

“That was a lame post there’s no reason to be telling people to run it as an administrator”

We think you’ll find there’s every need to tell people to run RadioDJ as “Administrator”

The reason people are advised to run the program in administrator mode is because of Window Security Rules.

Certain plugins for RadioDJ such as “now playing info” need to be able to write to the root of the C:\ drive to create a .txt file.

Otherwise you’re just going to encounter errors and you don’t want errors when running software now do you?

That’s also the reason we also advise people that RadioDJ to install the program on the C:\ drive outside of the programs folder (With full/read write privileges)

Just run RadioDJ as ‘Administrator’ Its not rocket science and shouldn’t be questioned…

“If running software as an administrator is not a solution then you’ll just have to use other software, OR you could just ask the person with full privileges to let you run RadioDJ as administrator”

When a software developer advises you as to how to do something with their software you should take their advice.

Last updated on: 11th July 2019
at 15:52 PM Europe/London