Saw a post recently on social media where someone said this:

“I’m looking for a simple piece of software that has a live assist feature without the hassle of SQL and databases”

What are you scared of? Running a MySQL database server need not be scary…

We’ve had our RadioDJ SQL databases up and running for over 4 years straight now it was June 2014 when I last built my DB from scratch.

So you probably think its going to be scary to install as well?

With MariaDB its easy to Install It will also install a tool called HeidiSQL which is where you do your basic maintenance from.

TIP: If you’ve previously tried to install MySQL server you will need to follow the step about removing the service first.

So if you followed the simple tutorial on this website you should have MariaDB setup and running within 5 minutes. (Look for mysqld.exe in task manager)

Once you have MariaDB working I’m going to suggest you use RadioDJ radio automation software to spin your tunes with.

Because if anything its Reliable, Stable and FREE! We rarely have an issue with it.

“Running the database server under RadioDJ is as painless as it gets. The hardest part is installing it, you can do that with your eyes closed”

That quote is from the user who didn’t reboot his copy of RadioDJ running alongside @MariaDB for over 24 months without restart.

Its like everything to do with computers its bound to be scary at first but once you learn the basics you’ll find it isn’t all that difficult either.

We only ever need to do a bit of light housekeeping & backing up. We’ve had to repair the database once in 3 years and that was after a power cut suddenly shut the PC down that was easily fixed using HeidiSQL.

(We take daily backups of the database so we don’t lose all our hard work!)

Still think running a database alongside an automation system is going to be stressful? Then there’s no hope for you my friend!

If you run RadioDJ & Maria DB together you should have a stress free DJ experience, I know I do!

Last updated on: 9th August 2018
at 15:16 PM Europe/London