I was reminded about a pub I used to frequent in the city of Sheffield earlier today.

The Cossack on Howard street was the first Gay venue I ever went into, Followed by a pub called The Albert, Which is where I saw my first ever male stripper and drag artist… Never did like strippers, the baby oil would stain your shirt if you got too close!

So it got me thinking about Rockies, the nightclub that I was introduced to around the same time in November 1989.

Rockies was a Gay club and at the time you didn’t dare mention being Gay for fear of being beaten up by some homophobic arsehole.

The late 1980s & early 1990s were a bad time to be growing up as a gay man. So much rampant homophobia from people I never really expected to get it from…

rockieslogoI wondered if anyone knew anything about Rockies on the Internet? After a quick Google search I couldn’t find a great deal about the place, there’s a few brief posts on some forums, jabbering on about the music and its location but that’s about it.

Rockies Sheffield was the sister club to Rockies in Manchester owned by a guy called Michael Snailham.

I visited Rockies Sheffield at least once a month for a night out back in the early 1990s.

It was where I first saw acts such as Take That, Hazel Dean and Lily Savage. The club was amazing, really friendly, the beer was cheap the men were even cheaper! The DJ’s spun some great High energy (Hi-Nrg) tunes. I never had a bad night out in the place.

I became good friends with Terry one of the door staff which resulted in me getting to stay after hours on few occasions. One of the bar staff was decent enough to give me a bed for the night on a few occasions

It’s always been a thing I’ve done: Get to know the door/bar staff at a bar or a nightclub because you never know when some drunken idiot is likely to try and spoil your nights enjoyment.

Rockies Sheffield still sticks out in my memory because it was so much better than clubs I visited when I lived in London. London’s gay scene was just too sporadic.

I think it’s great that a few people still remember Rockies and speak fondly of the place, but what’s even more amazing is how easily people forget about a Gay club that stood for much more than just having a night out.

Rockies was a game changer for the gay scene in Yorkshire when it first opened. It enabled people who weren’t out at the time to go somewhere safe for a decent night out. Entry was strictly controlled so there wasn’t any trouble.

Sadly Michael Snailham suddenly sold it & it became a club called “The Planet” and the place just lost its amazing atmosphere overnight.

As far as I’m aware that shut in the late 1990s and then after that the building housed a strip club.

rockiessheffield-compressorThese days the building looks like it houses a bath/shower showroom. What a waste of such a wonderful building! Rockies Sheffield “The forgotten Gay club”? I certainly will never forget the place they were GOOD TIMES!

IF anyone has any flyers/posters/photos from Rockies Sheffield, PLEASE scan them in and tweet me @djgarybaldy I’d love to see them, I lost everything I had about the place after someone threw a box out.

P.S. Yes, it was Rockies, not Rockys

Someone recently sent me a copy of an old Rockies Manchester flyer.

Rockies Manchester

Never got to Rockies Manchester but did meet some of the crowd from there when they came over on coach to Sheffield.

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