My Husband, Best Friend and Website Guru sadly passed away on Sunday 12th January 2020.


He was diagnosed with Cancer of the Unknown Primary on the 31st December 2019.

The consultant at the hospital had hoped for 3/4 months but that wasn’t to be.

He had a blood transfusion of New Years day because his Haemoglobin levels weren’t right and things sadly went drastically downhill from there.

He was in lots of pain all the time despite Morphine and could barely walk, on the Friday 10th January the day after his Radiotherapy appointment he couldn’t get out of bed and wasn’t taking on a great deal of fluids.

Eventually I called the Christie Cancer helpline and they sent the paramedics because something wasn’t right with him, He complained of being hot all the time.

The doctor who spoke to me in A&E mentioned that he was very poorly and things could be touch and go.

The Paramedics & Hospital (Manchester Royal Infirmary) did everything they possibly could for him despite the huge pressure they were under.

Its going to leave a huge hole in my world but things aren’t all bad I have great memories to cling too.

I had 10 years with TechMonkey and he was by far the best husband I could have hoped for he always treated me with respect.

You know I don’t recall us having an argument over trivial stuff. We always laughed and joked and saw the funny side of life…

Iain was far nicer than the controlling monsters I’ve dated in the past. I was never his punchbag unlike other blokes I’ve gone out with.

I don’t intend to date anyone again!

As you can probably well imagine I’m heartbroken and still in shock from it all.

They say time is a healer? I’m not so sure. Grief never ever goes away.

RIP Iain you were an amazing husband & human being.

P.S: As to the future of this website well at the moment that’s all UP in the air I don’t know how long he paid the hosting for guess I’ll find out soon enough…