I’ve used RadioDJ for 9 years now (WOW! Time really has flown) and for most of that time I’ve helped out on the RadioDJ Forums giving help and advice where it was needed.

But Alas all good things must come to an end. I’ve decided that its time to move on from the forums, Its been fun but I just have other things to deal with in life.

I will still try to help with beta tests where possible but I just won’t be helping out on there.

I gave a lot of thought to this over the past month and for me its the best thing I can do right now. Mainly due to my worsening Arthritis, I’m barely able to concentrate from the pain most days.

Thank you to Marius for everything and for letting me help moderate & also thanks to the regulars of the Forums, RadioDJ wouldn’t be the software it is without you!

As per the “Leaving Facebook” post I can still be found lurking on Twitter @DJGarybaldy and I will still continue to Blog where possible.

So thanks for all the Fish and all that!

**Rides off into the sunset whistling**

Last updated on: 19th January 2019
at 21:44 PM Europe/London