RadioDJ has an online request system which enables people to request from your (PHP) website..

Providing someone gives their name when requesting a song, You can also now Include the username of the person who requested the song in the stream title.

Screenshot from 2013-10-09 09:43:47

You can achieve this by adding this code to requests under Options > Stream titles. Choose requests from the list and paste this into the box.

$artist$ - $title$ [Requested By $request_username$]

Don’t forget to click save!

There is also an option to include a message but personally I think that would take up to much space in a title stream.

A PHP request script for RadioDJ can be found Here

If you haven’t tried out RadioDJ what are you waiting for?

radioDJ free radio automation 2016

The songs marked red are songs I requested on my local request script.

RadioDJ is FREE doesn’t require messy PAL scripts to do basic functions. It has the power to do things via a MySQL query.

How To Install RadioDJ

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