Saw a tweet from a SAM Broadcaster user having to reinstall the program after it had gone wrong on him and wouldn’t restart after a reboot of the PC.

“In the process of reinstalling SAM Broadcaster it completely refuses to load even after system reboot”

We know how this user feels it’s happened to us on many occasions over the years. SAM Broadcaster goes wrong and crashes for no reason even in the newer versions.

We’ve yet to hear of anyone having an issue with RadioDJ randomly crashing on them.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

“The MySQL database in RadioDJ is far more solid and robust than the SQL/Firebird databases in SAM Broadcaster”

RadioDJ has an amazing database backup tool that backs up ALL your SQL database data at a set time each day.

Not all the data is backed up from SAM. That’s when you eventually manage to get a backup sorted with external database software or batch file (.bat)

In the unlikely event of the RadioDJ database going wrong. It’s easily fixed using HeidiSQL

Saving your RadioDJ configuration settings is also easy you just backup the RadioDJ program folder to another location (USB Drive/External Drive) after you have all your settings the way you want them. Some of the settings are also remembered in the database.


It’s rare for RadioDJ to crash or go wrong some users have had an uptime of over 4 years

We can honestly say hand on heart that we’ve never had RadioDJ crash on us while using the software.

If anything has gone wrong with the computer running RadioDJ its usually hardware related, mainly disc drives failing.

If you should get stuck on how to install RadioDJ you can find an easy tutorial on how to install it by clicking the button below

How To Install RadioDJ

Once you get used to what RadioDJ free radio automation software can do for you & your radio station you’ll wonder why you paid $$$ for other automation software.

Last updated on: 12th April 2020
at 12:37 PM Europe/London