Reasons why you should use RadioDJ free radio automation software:

We could go on and give you more reasons like the request system, colour editing tool, account control, folder sync and the great support via the RadioDJ Community Forums

But the best reason to use RadioDJ is also the the first point I made.

“The program is 100% FREE for use by any DJ or any radio station”

You can run multiple radio streams if you so desire. Or if you’re not a DJ It can still be used as a home music automation system.

Oh and you need separate PC’s for each Instance of SAM as you cannot run multiple copies on one machine due to restrictions in the EULA.

With RadioDJ you can backup most of the programs rotations/events/songs etc… You struggle to get the database/events/settings backed up in SAM Broadcaster

Yes at the moment you have to use Stand Alone Encoding software but that’s still no excuse for not trying RadioDJ. We ran RadioDJ successfully alongside stand alone encoders when we were streaming.

Make the switch to RadioDJ free radio automation software today you won’t regret it! Lots of people are discovering just how amazing RadioDJ is.

RadioDJ and Sound Empire Caster

Don’t believe what we say? Then look at what others are saying about RadioDJ with their Testimonials

How To Install RadioDJ

We guarantee you 100% that once RadioDJ is installed it will outperform other paid for Internet radio automation programs.

“Say goodbye to paying silly money for Internet radio automation software”

No contracts – No catches – No keys – No hidden fees – No activations – No gimmicks

EULA = End User Licence Agreement.

Last updated on: 4th October 2019
at 12:55 PM Europe/London