Saw a post on the Winamp forums about Radionomy de-listing Shoutcast v1.x.x servers from the Shoutcast YP listings website.

Shoutcast delisting

Radionomy will now no longer allow Shoutcast DNAS v1.9.8 servers to list publicly on the Shoutcast directory.

“It also appears that Shoutcast v2 servers prior to v2.5.5 will NOT be listed on the directory either you need to upgrade your version of the DNAS”

Defeats the whole idea of Internet radio listing websites IMHO!

Shoutcast YP

Its going to affect 1000’s of stations who are still broadcasting using the older Shoutcast 1.9.8 & v2.x.x servers.

Shoutcast DNAS 1.9.8

I know why those stations are still using older Shoutcast servers to broadcast with… Its because v1.9.8 was a lot more reliable than any other version of Shoutcast.

We tried and failed to get Shoutcast v2.x.x working a couple of years back & we don’t know if the setup process has been made any easier with the newer builds.

Besides you now have to be registered to be able to download the newer builds of Shoutcast v2

However the majority of the webradio stations using v1.9.8 are generally pirate/hobby radio stations who use free Shoutcast services such as Listen2myradio. So those servers are never listed on Shoutcast anyway.

Then there’s the stations that use clusters of servers to fake listener counts. We’re guessing that’s another reason Radionomy want stations to switch to Shoutcast v2.

Personally we don’t think a lot of stations are going to be even remotely bothered about not being listed on the Shoutcast YP anymore.

Radionomy are barking up the wrong tree anyway as most stations get their listeners via websites such as Radio-player/Tune-in these days.

Add into the mix the fact Internet radio is in so much turmoil at the moment especially in the USA.

It may just be a case of too little too late!

Radionomy you can de-list stations all you want BUT you will never stop stations streaming with older Shoutcast software completely.

There’s just too many copies of it out in the wild on websites and file sharing sites etc…

Last updated on: 19th October 2019
at 14:29 PM Europe/London