Just been onto the Winamp forums and noticed a topic going on about Radionomy stopping all activities as from January 1st 2020.

As one user puts it on the forums:

Indeed Shoutcast has been around for just over 20 years and is better known than Radionomy was.

All people really knew was Radionomy was the company that saved Winamp.

Apart from a few releases of Shoutcast v2 there’s been nothing done to Winamp except a beta which isn’t performing as well as earlier versions.

If you have a station on Radionomy you are advised to switch it over to Shoutcast.

Although Shoutcast won’t be paying your royalties like Radionomy did so you will have to start licencing your stream yourself which leads to a lot of expense.

Radionomy paid the royalties for broadcast content: Shoutcast does not.

Good luck to you if you switch over to Shoutcast because you’ll need it.

A former Winamp developer had this to say on Twitter:

I never rated Radionomy anyway I’ve heard alsorts of issues that some users had with them, from the service constantly going down to their stations being removed.

Will this make Shoutcast the go to site to stream through? Only time will tell I guess

Radionomy are tied to Shoutcast, and if they can’t keep that ship floating they will go down with it.

Its one of those things I’m going to be keeping an eye on it should be interesting to see what happens after January 2020.