If you’ve recently discovered RadioDJ free radio automation software and you’re confused as to what “zones” are then let us explain a little.

RadioDJ is split into 4 zones (3 usable) and this is where plugins live.


Zone 1:

This is where the main playlist lives. DO NOT PUT any other plugin in this zone.

Its best if you leave the playlist in zone 1 and add other plugins to zones 2,3,4

You have the option to change the playlist to either list or slot mode from the plugins menu (options>plugins) by clicking on the settings of the playlist plugin.

Screenshot from 2013-09-23 12:39:57

Note: You need to restart RadioDJ to change from slot/list mode.

Zone 2:

Zone 2 can host multiple plugins. We use zone 2 for the search, history and online request plugins.

If you so wish you can add the cart-wall and aux players into zone 2 if that’s not where you want them try zones 3/4.

Zone 3:

Like zone 2, zone 3 can also host multiple plugins.

We tend to only have 1 plugin in this zone, The song info plugin in this zone so its within eye shot when looking at the song information.

Zone 4:

Zone 4 lives under zone 2. This can be used for the auxiliary players or cart-wall

You don’t need to set any plugins into zone 4 unless you really need to. Doing without plugins in zone 4 gives you extra space in zone 2.

That’s all there is to the RadioDJ zones, have a play round with the layout until you have RadioDJ setup the way you want it.

“Its really easy to customise where you want the plugins to live in RadioDJ. For us its just another reason to love the software”

Last updated on: 26th October 2019
at 09:56 AM Europe/London