Do you use RadioDJ and have a WordPress website? Are you looking for some form of web integration?

Then you need the WordPress plugin for RadioDJ v0.7.0

What’s new?

  • Enhancement: Added reCAPTCHA for request verification
  • Enhancement: Make sure tracks in playlist queue can’t be requested
  • Enhancement: Added option to disable name input field for requests
  • Enhancement: Added option for request per-IP-address limit duration
  • Fix: Check request limit using selected time interval rather than comparing date
  • Enhancement: Option to disable IP address detection for visitors behind a proxy
  • Enhancement: Added options to disable request submission and display a message
  • Enhancement: Option to control track types available for requests
  • Enhancement: Option to control track types displayed by [now-playing] shortcode
  • Enhancement: Display a dismissible notification when request submission is disabled

It’s not that difficult to install the plugin on WordPress if you follow a few simple steps.

1) Download the WordPress plugin from Here

2) Go into your wordpress dashboard. Click on Plugins and add new plugin. Upload the .zip file by clicking install.

3) Go to Installed Plugins and activate the RadioDJ plugin.

4) Go to settings and click on RadioDJ Options.

5) Enter your SQL database details.

Radio DJ Server: Your external IP or address where the SQL server is hosted

RadioDJ Username: The name of the SQL user

Database Name: The name of your RadioDJ database

Password: The password you chose when setting up your SQL database

You can find out your external IP here Here

N.B: You will also need to ensure that your website host allows connections on port 3306 (or the port you have chosen to run MYSQL on) and that you have also opened that port on your broadband router.

Try not to use “Root” for requests – See this link to create a new SQL user.

The other options are pretty straight forward just change the settings how you want them.

Then click on “Save changes” If you have entered your DB details correctly then you will need to use the following shortcodes to display what you need.

[now-playing] Shows what’s now playing and what has recently played.

[top-tracks] Shows the top played tracks.

[top-albums] Shows the top played albums.

[top-artists] Shows the top played artists.

[track-requests] Shows the track list so users can request a song.

[top-requested] Shows the top requested tracks.

If everything has gone to plan you should see this on your WordPress site.

Top Artists

Request Page

Now Playing

“This plugin is intended for entertainment purposes only, It is provided as seen. You use/modify this script at your own risk”

This script was made to give users a starting point for developing websites around RadioDJ. the Author of this script is no longer around so support for it may be limited you can ask on the RadioDJ community forums but you aren’t always guaranteed an answer.

N.B: With this plugin no longer being maintained it may not be 100% secure on your WP installation. Again use at OWN RISK. If you know what you’re doing you may be able to update it to make it secure again.

Last updated on: 15th June 2019
at 10:26 AM Europe/London