The change log for future versions of RadioDJ will be on This page

RadioDJ v2.0.0.1 (January 12th 2018)

RadioDJ v2.0.0.1

RadioDJ Download


  • Implemented recording function (based on lame.exe) [NEW];
  • Implemented auto scroll on playlist builder drag & drop [NEW];
  • Implemented auto scroll on main playlist drag & drop [NEW];
  • Fixed button buttons instant update on color change;
  • Implemented recursive folder scan for Sync Folders plugin [NEW];
  • Implemented toggle between 5.1 and stereo style vu meters (click on them to toggle) [NEW];
  • Fixed Smart Timing events;
  • Fixed rotation queries which added tracks with sweeper everytime;
  • Other small bugs…

RadioDJ v2.0.0 (22nd December 2017)

RadioDJ v2

Changes List: 2.0.0

  • Added new track properties “Label” [NEW];
  • Added new now playing info export variable “$label$” [NEW];
  • Renamed database field “album_art” to “image” [NEW];
  • Implemented support for custom color schemes [NEW];
  • Rotation items can override global repeat rules when needed [NEW];
  • In track rotation when adding tracks from category, depending by the selected filters and played tracks, the total number of available tracks will be displayed [NEW];
  • Added new filters for track rotations: mood, gender, language, start and end type [NEW];
  • Fixed reported bugs;
  • Plugins from other versions of RadioDJ will not work with this version, so don’t mix files between versions!
Important: Some antivirus programs might trigger false positives due the program packaging. To avoid this you can add the program to the antivirus ignore list.


(We’re just going to assume you’ve already installed your database server)

1) Run the RadioDJ executable and install to C:\RadioDJv2

2) Install the database using databasesetup.exe from the setup folder or if upgrading from an older version just follow these instructions.

Upgrading from v1.8.2: You will need to update the database from the database setup tool “select update file” you need the 1.8.2 TO 2.sql file from the SQL folder inside setup.

Important: Before you upgrade your database take a database backup (just in case it goes wrong while updating)

3) On first run before you start sorting other settings from the the options menu, its recommended you setup a user account from options>users, This will prevent anyone else making unauthorised changes to your settings,

Make sure you give yourself all the correct admin privileges and click save and you will then have a logon for RadioDJ.

Also make sure you write down your password for RadioDJ as the passwords are encrypted in the database and If you loose your admin password you won’t be able to make changes.

The default login is admin/admin

If you don’t want to setup an account or use User Login it can be disabled once you are logged in as admin

4) You should now be able to start sorting out other settings if you’re familiar with RadioDJ this should take no time at all.

You have new options under rotation rules you can now also set an album not to play for a set amount of time as well as the usual track/artist/title settings.

5) Set a soundcard and restart RadioDJ if everything has gone to plan you should now be able to import & play music.

6) You should then be up and running there are some tweaks you may need to make to RadioDJ in order for you to utilise it fully. Some plugin settings have changed.

Tip: If you are using The playlist plugin in “slot mode” you may need to keep the amount of visible slots at 7/8 so it doesn’t screw up the graphics/song titles in the playlist on some resolutions. You change that from Plugins>Playlist Plugin>Settings

7) Important: If upgrading from v1.8.2 you may need to go in and edit some playlists, events and refresh rotations to make sure that they are working.

As always IF in doubt please or something isn’t quite working then feel free to consult the RadioDJ Forums where one of the many volunteer members will try their hardest to help you out.

Remember we’re all still learning just like you so you may not get an answer straight away.

Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 14:11 PM Europe/London