This is just a quick heads up for anyone using Windows XP who is thinking of updating RadioDJ from v1.8.2 or older to the new version.

You can’t you’re stuck with v1.8.2 as v2.0.0 requires .NET 4.6.1 and that by all accounts won’t install on Windows XP.

“Bummer. 4.6.1 will not run on XP SP3. That kills that idea. Oh well. Guess I have to move up to Win 7”


XP is old news anyway and is full to the brim with nasty security holes which will never be patched properly.

We warned a while back that newer software may not function on XP and we were right, Lots of software manufacturers are only writing software for the newer versions of Windows.

Time to get saving up for a newer PC, newer computers have hardware which doesn’t support XP plus a new PC will be better for security/performance above all else.

Don’t shoot the messenger! I’m only relaying this Information on so you don’t run into issues by trying to install software that won’t function on an older operating system.

If you’re asking for help with Windows XP on the RadioDJ forums you may just find you will be told exactly the same as is written on this post.

Last updated on: January 10th, 2018
at 22:35 PM Europe/London

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