So you’ve installed RadioDJ and imported your music and you’re stuck as to what track rotations are let me try and explain a little.

Track Rotations in RadioDJ selects the music only from the categories you tell it to choose from, You can have multiple rotations for different moods, just don’t forget to save the rotation once you’ve created it.

Also make sure when creating a rotation item that the repeat rules boxes are checked so you don’t have any repetition in songs.

You pick your rotation items by clicking on green + sign you can choose from four different options.

Track from Category: Is exactly just that a track from a category you want to AutoDJ to pick songs up from

Track from SQL Query: Means you can use SQL queries to also help pick songs you can find examples Here

Track from request: If you’ve setup RadioDJ online requests from your website this will pick the next request in the list to be played.

Manual Event: You can set a manual event to trigger items in the playlist. There has to be a manual event. (See events)

It will take you time to get your rotations and even manual events how you want them have some patience.

There really isn’t much to it but as always if you get stuck ask for help on Community Forums

Once you get used to how RadioDJ works then the world is your oyster. Rotations are powerful they make AutoDJ seem seamless and flawless.

Last updated on: 16th September 2019
at 12:10 PM Europe/London