It was June 2014 when I last decided to rebuild my RadioDJ MySQL database from scratch.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Some of the credit for the stability with RadioDJ also needs to go to MariaDB we’ve found it’s a lot easier to setup than Oracle MySQL.

You can find out how to install MariaDB for use with RadioDJ Here

The RadioDJ database setup tool takes a daily backup of your MySQL data and is easily restored if the worst should happen.

Our RadioDJ database has been amazingly rock solid & we’ve upgraded it through a few different versions and its still going strong on both our playout machines.

IF you haven’t discovered RadioDJ free radio automation software yet what are you waiting for?

It really is as you see it with no activation’s needed or keys required to unlock the full benefits of the program.

How To Install RadioDJ

It’s a pleasure to use RadioDJ radio automation software It works exactly as it was designed.

Last updated on: 19th October 2019
at 16:19 PM Europe/London