With the release of RadioDJ v2.0.0 the old recording plugin for RadioDJ no longer functions with the new version.

However Marius has coded in a basic Record function into RadioDJ and its really easy to setup and configure.

You need the lame.exe and lame_enc.dll from this link

Encoding Files Download

Then you need to Unzip the folder with a program such as WinRar.

You then need to place the Encoders folder into the RadioDJ Plugins folder.

record encoder folder

Restart RadioDJ and hit record the sound playing through RadioDJ sound should now be recording, recordings are stored in the “Records” folder in the RadioDJ program folder.

Please Note: The recording function only records at 128kbps which is CD quality.

We hope this tutorial helps as always if you get stuck help is available on the RadioDJ Community Forums

Last Tested on RadioDJ v2.0.0.6 & Windows 10 Home, 20th August 2018.

Last updated on: 21st September 2019
at 18:58 PM Europe/London