I feel I need to clarify a few things to those people who keep demanding that I help them with RadioDJ setup issues.

I swear some people expect far too much from a free piece of software… It might help if they read the RadioDJ licence agreement

When something goes wrong with RadioDJ we don’t have to give technical help or advice… We do 99.8% of the time because we care enough about the software.


Support for RadioDJ depends on volunteers and screaming or demanding for help is only likely to get you ignored.

I give up my free time to help people and every now and then I get one user who thinks its OK to scream, shout and sling abuse at me because they can’t get RadioDJ working.

So feel free to use other software if RadioDJ isn’t doing what you want it to… We don’t have to give you help if we don’t want too.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Last updated on: 15th July 2019
at 15:54 PM Europe/London