Thanks to DJ-Johnny from the RadioDJ forums for this script, I’ve currently got it running on a local web server on my Linux box.

Its a simple but effective way to let listeners request songs which then land in the “Request Plugin” in RadioDJ

(Its in the disabled plugins directory move the .dll and .xml files to the plugins directory in RadioDJ and restart the program)

You can search by Artist but not title at present (If you know PHP you might be able to change the search parameters) or browse by page numbers.

Its a good basic place to start.

It shouldn’t be too hard to integrate into your main website if you know what you are doing.

You can download the script from Here

Once you fill in your SQL server information and external IP address and allow the ports through your router then you should be good to start receiving requests from your website.

Support for this web script isn’t available AFAIK, Its a basic starting point for you to code a website around

“This script is for entertainment purposes only, Use/modify at own risk”

Please Note: This script won’t work if you have a website host that blocks connections on port 3306 (Although you can specify a different port for it in the script) You change/use alternative ports at your OWN RISK! (Tested on PHP7)

Last updated on: 24th April 2018
at 10:13 AM Europe/London