We’ve had a go at rewriting a RadioDJ request script from an original script by DJ-Jhonny

Its a simple but effective way to let listeners request songs which then land in the “Request Plugin” in RadioDJ

The RadioDJ request plugin is in the disabled plugins directory move the .dll and .xml files to the plugins directory in RadioDJ and restart the program

You can search by Artist and Title or by page numbers and also by choosing some random songs.

You can change the colours of the buttons/layout by editing the .css in main.css, If you don’t like the sticky header remove the section around line 48.

It shouldn’t be too hard to integrate into your main website if you know what you are doing.

You will need some knowledge of how to connect the script to your MySQL server.

Important: This script won’t work if you have a website host that blocks connections on port 3306 (Although you can specify a different port for it in the script) You change/use alternative ports at your OWN RISK!

Once you fill in your MySQL server information and external IP address and you’ve allowed the ports through your router/firewall then you should be good to start receiving requests from your website.

You can download the script from Here

Just unzip and upload to your server once you’ve edited config.php

“This script is for entertainment purposes only, Use/modify at own risk”

Please don’t start screaming and shouting at us because you can’t get this working…

Please Note: This script is provided as-is and without warranty. Support may be limited, There may (or may not) be future updates, We cannot help you with installation/connection issues that is up to you to iron out with your website host, This is a basic request template & is a starting point for you to code your website around,

The website script(s) will get better over time we’re going to try and work on a PHP template that covers now playing info etc… as well as the request pages.

We have no timescale for when this will be available but it will be announced when its ready to be beta tested.

(Tested working on PHP7 19th June 2018)

P.S: If you like this tutorial and would like to make a donation you can do so by going to PayPal

Last updated on: 27th June 2018
at 09:15 AM Europe/London