As I’m sure most users of RadioDJ are aware we’re currently awaiting a new version of the software

June 2015 since v1.8.2 was released and its performed like a star ever since.

Marius has been slowly dropping hints about planned/new features etc…

Last week he had this to say on the forum:

“The new version will have some paid features, but the free features available will be much more that in current version (1.8.2), not to mention comparing to other free programs around”

So while there will still be a free version of the program there will also be some paid for features, I guess those are aimed at the commercial radio sector.

To be fair to Marius its about time he actually made some form of living from the program.

RadioDJ now has a pretty decent following in the world of Internet radio. So its time for him to reap some form of reward for it.

I know this technically won’t make RadioDJ freeware anymore, We guess if you really need the paid for add ons then you should go ahead and purchase them

(Once they are available)

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m Chomping at the bit here awaiting its release… I’ll be like a kid in a sweetshop when it is released.

Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 14:49 PM Europe/London