Did You know: RadioDJ has the ability to take online listener requests? Well it does …

RadioDJ free radio automation software

We thought we would do a short tutorial on how to setup RadioDJ Online Requests.

To get the request system working with RadioDJ you need to do the following.

1) Make sure you have RadioDJ installed.

Tip When setting MySQL up choose a strong password with lots of number and symbols and write it down!

2) Create a new MySQL user that isn’t “root” You can find out how to do that HERE Please try not to use root for requests it won’t be as secure.

3) Place the Plugin_Requests.dll and .xml file in the plugin folder within RadioDJ. (The files can be found in the disabled plugins folder)

4) Download the RadioDJ Request Demo web script

5) Make sure your website host/server host allows connections on the required port (Usually the MySQL port 3306) Any good web-host will have these ports available.

Ask the company’s support department before you sign up to any service.

6) Edit your details in the config.php file so it points to your Your external IP address & MySQL database

Example Code

########### edit database settings #########
$dataip = ""; // External IP address
$database = "admin_radiodj"; // Your Database name
$username = "admin_radiodj";  // Your database username
$userpass = "Mysupersecretpassword"; // Your database password

Once you have edited the details in config.php Upload the demo script files to your web-server via FTP.

You also need to set your Timezone correctly to match the time zone of your server/computer.

7) If you opened the MySQL port 3306 on your Broadband router/Windows Firewall. Make sure that it points to the Internal IP of the computer of the machine running RadioDJ (e.g and the MySQL server.

If you have done all the above and configured everything properly, You should now be able to take online requests from your website.

If you require any further help then please head to the RadioDJ Community forums where one of the volunteer members will come to your rescue.

The RadioDJ request demo has been tested on PHP 7.2 and Apache 2.2 July 2018

Last updated on: 15th July 2019
at 13:42 PM Europe/London