Do you use RadioDJ? Are you looking for a simple way to show what’s playing on your radio station website?

Then you need this basic simple PHP script to show the Now playing info

// Set your default time zone (
// MySQL Server's IP Ex: ( or if you've changed the port).
$mysqli_server	= ""; 
$mysqli_database = "radiodj2"; // MySQL database name
$mysqli_user = "root";	// MySQL database username. Usually root.
$mysqli_pass = "ChanGeme!"; // MySQL database password.
$mysqli_port = "3306"; // MySQL port number
$shufleUPComing	= TRUE;	// Don't show the correct order of uPComing tracks
$nextLimit = 3;	// How many uPComing tracks to display?
$resLimit = 10;	// How many history tracks to display?

Download the script here

It can show what you’re playing what’s recently played and what’s coming up from a simple PHP webpage

You can embed the script into any webpage using a PHP require statement.

<?php require('now_playing.php'); ?>

If you need the page to refresh you can search Google for Ajax Refresh or meta refresh.

This script is provided as-is and without warranty, you modify/change it at your own risk, don’t blame us if you break something.

We cannot help you with installation/connection issues that is up to you to iron out with your website host,

This is a basic Now Playing template & is a starting point for you to code your website around, Support may be limited.

This script is for entertainment purposes only!

Last updated on: 9th October 2019
at 12:24 PM Europe/London