Do you use RadioDJ? Are you looking for a simple way to show what’s playing on your radio station website?

Then you need this basic simple PHP script to show the Now playing info

// Set your default time zone (
// MySQL Server's IP Ex: ( or if you've changed the port).
$mysqli_server	= ""; 
$mysqli_database = "radiodj2"; // MySQL database name
$mysqli_user = "root";	// MySQL database username. Usually root.
$mysqli_pass = "ChanGeme!"; // MySQL database password.
$mysqli_port = "3306"; // MySQL port number
$shufleUPComing	= TRUE;	// Don't show the correct order of uPComing tracks
$nextLimit = 3;	// How many uPComing tracks to display?
$resLimit = 10;	// How many history tracks to display?

Download the script here

It can show what you’re playing what’s recently played and what’s coming up from a simple PHP webpage

You can embed the script into any webpage using a PHP require statement.

<?php require('now_playing.php'); ?>

If you need the page to refresh you can search Google for Ajax Refresh or meta refresh.

Important: This script won’t work if you have a website host that blocks connections on port 3306, You change or use alternative ports at your OWN RISK don’t blame us if your website host suspends your account.

This script is provided as-is and without warranty, you modify/change it at your own risk, don’t blame us if you break something. We cannot help you with installation/connection issues that is up to you to iron out with your website host, This is a basic request template & is a starting point for you to code your website around, Support may be limited.

This script is for entertainment purposes only!

Last updated on: 16th February 2019
at 20:55 PM Europe/London