This search term appeared on my stats recently…

“Does RadioDJ work with MSSQL?”

I guess by now the person who made that search will realise that RadioDJ only works with MySQL

Unlike SAM Broadcaster which has 4 different database options. The database in RadioDJ has been kept simple.

We highly recommend MariaDB for use with RadioDJ as a database server it’s really reliable and rock solid.

Once you get the database for RadioDJ installed and working with MariaDB you should find you have great stability and reliability.

RadioDJ database setup new

“We take daily backups using the backup tool that comes with the database setup utility. We keep 30 days worth of backups on an external drive just in case the worst should happen. We’ve only had to restore a back up once when we bought a new PC

OK so no database is 100% foolproof.

Seriously the only time we’ve had to repair our database was back in Summer 2015 when the power suddenly went off causing the database structure to become corrupt and in need of a repair.

That was easily sorted using HeidiSQL to quickly repair the tables (It comes bundled with the windows version of MariaDB)


I never rated MSSQL as a database program that much anyway I found it way too complicated to install and configure.

Thankfully MariaDB isn’t that fiddly to Install I found it easier to install than MySQL

If you want a stress free streaming experience you need to use the right tools…

Over 7 years since I first used RadioDJ and we’ve never had a major problem with the database(s), That applies to every version we’ve used or even beta tested.

Last updated on: 11th March 2019
at 18:41 PM Europe/London