This is a question that has been asked recently on the RadioDJ forums.

“Is there a way to hide specific songs from being requested?”

As it goes YES Indeed there is and It’s NOT as difficult as you might think.

In RadioDJ you have a feature called category manager which is rather useful for stuff like this.

If you don’t want certain songs/tracks showing up in the the request list on your website then you simply need to do the following.

1) Open Category Manager from the Options menu.

2) In the first column you have the main list of categories – You cannot delete categories from this first column but you can add to it.


We’ve called it “Hidden Music” as an example but you could call it anything you like. Click the + to add it.

3) Highlight that new category and in the second column “Sub category” start adding the categories you need.


4) Using the track manager tool you move any files/songs/tracks you don’t want showing up on the website


It’s also a good idea to make sure the track type is changed to “other” that way that song shouldn’t show up in the request list on your website using the default RadioDJ scripts.

5) You can still call these tracks/songs into your rotations just by using some clever track rotations.


6) From the options menu you will need to make sure that tracks with type “other” are still showing the artist & title string for you to still have proper artist & title info on your stream when these tracks play.


You shouldn’t need to change anything in the RadioDJ demo website scripts, If all has gone to plan the songs you didn’t want in your playlist should now be hidden from being request-able.

That’s the GREAT thing about RadioDJ you can create and organise your music collection the way you want it. NOT the way the software wants it like iTunes.

See I told you it wasn’t difficult … Hope people find this tutorial useful.

Last updated on: 19th July 2017
at 19:01 PM Europe/London