What is RadioDJ?

RadioDJ is a free studio automation program for use by any DJ or radio station anywhere in the world.

You could even run multiple Shoutcast/Icecast radio stations if you wanted using third party virtual audio cables (VACS).

It can also be used as a home entertainment system for music, which is what we currently use it for.

Is RadioDJ really free?

Yes! It’s 100% free with no nasty hidden fees or catches despite what certain software/hosting companies try claim in their blog posts. No keys, activation or patches needed to work the full program.

Will RadioDJ work on Windows 10?

Yes RadioDJ works great on Windows 10 with very few issues. Unlike other radio automation programs that have “compatibility” issues, RadioDJ has rock solid stability and a proven uptime of over 18 months and counting.

What are the minimum specifications to run RadioDJ on a PC?

RadioDJ isn’t resource intensive so will run on hardware with 1GHz CPU and 1GB RAM, but hopefully your system will have a bit more than that to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Where can I download Radio DJ software from?

You can download the latest full version by clicking below


Unzip and place the RadioDJ folder on the C:\ drive outside of the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder.

Tip: Make sure the RadioDJ folder has full administrator privileges to avoid any permission issues.

What technology does it use?

It runs with Microsoft .NET and an SQL server. We recommend Maria DB for this, which is a fork of the popular MySQL database.

A quick tutorial on how to install Maria DB can be found here.

Tip: Write down the password you choose for the SQL Database install as you will need it later.

If you have successfully installed MariaDB and checked to see if it’s running as a service via task manager (mysqld.exe) then you can proceed onto installing the database.

Inside the Radio DJ folder you will find a folder called “Setup” inside that there is a file called “DatabaseSetup.exe” Right click and open you should be on this screen.

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Enter the details for your SQL server.

  • MySQL server = or just localhost.
  • MySQL database = Usually this is just “radiodj”
  • MySQL username = Default user is usually “root”.
  • MySQL password = The password you chose when setting up the SQL server.

After you have filled in the details of your SQL server click on Install database. if you entered the settings correctly you should then see “MySQL server online”

If all has gone to plan you can start using RadioDJ and start importing tracks.

Happy  DJ’ing!

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Still need a little help?

If you need any further help with setting up RadioDJ, you can find help on the community forums.

Screenshot - 300815 - 11:35:55

Please Note: We have nothing to do with the coding of RadioDJ. We only promote the program.

Last updated on: October 26th, 2017
at 11:19 AM Europe/London

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