With music automation software you would expect a smooth crossfade/transition between songs wouldn’t you?

This is another area where RadioDJ seems to excel.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

The transition between songs is amazing even with songs that have sudden endings, everything seems to play and crossfade amazingly well.

We currently use these settings for crossfading in RadioDJ (Mixer buffer is on the first screen on the options menu)

Our fadeout duration has been set at 3900 for some time now and always seems to mix tracks rather well.

It's rare to have silence between tracks with RadioDJ

Silence between tracks is something that always used to happen regularly with Winamp & SAM Broadcaster.

No matter which crossfade/mix settings we tried.

If we do ever hear silence in RadioDJ it’s usually a cue point that hasn’t been set properly but that easily remedied using RadioDJ track/cue edits.

Tip: It also helps if all your music files ripped at the same audio level and bitrate as each other.

If they are mp3 files you can use mp3gain to level them in bulk. It may take a few hours if your collection is huge.

You can also use Audacity to normalise the audio in tracks before you import them into RadioDJ.

How To Install RadioDJ

Of course no settings are ever perfect from one PC to another you might want a longer/shorter crossfade duration but we find 3900 suffices for us (1000ms = 1 second)

Last updated on: 16th October 2019
at 10:36 AM Europe/London