A gripe about RadioDJ on a forum recently really did take the biscuit.

“Let’s set the record straight Radio DJ does not even come close to what you can do with SAM Broadcaster Pro let me repeat it again not even close”

Excuse me while I laugh out loud!

RadioDJ can do far more than SAM Broadcaster, It has a more robust tracks rotation feature for seamless AutoDJ. We’ve yet to have a rotation in RadioDJ fail on us like the Clockwheel Rotations in SAM Broadcaster did so often.

You can choose even more event actions in RadioDJ than you can in SAM Broadcaster, Plus RadioDJ has better audio processing and a better way of exporting metadata.

“You can use SQL queries load tracks into the queue with RadioDJ”

The only thing that RadioDJ cannot currently do to my knowledge is Encoding but that can always be done by a stand alone encoder.

Sound Empire Caster 1.2.7

Stand Alone Encoding Software

Using stand alone encoding software is no more difficult than using the built in ones. They’re just the same to configure and stop/start.

We’ve found that built in encoders don’t always stream correctly and you end up with lots of buffering messages.

RadioDJ has more customisable features like customisable Aux players (You only get 2 Aux players in SAM) along with a proper cartwall for jingles which can also be triggered by an event.

You can compare the two pieces of software and what I thought about them when I did a review of them by clicking the button below.

Sam Broadcaster Vs RadioDJ

The person on the forum was wrong in what he said RadioDJ is far from Inferior and won’t go wrong or crash as often as SAM Broadcaster did when we were using it.

One user recently reported an uptime of 4 Years from RadioDJ v1.8.2

Later on in the thread the user seemed to think RadioDJ was my software…

“Of course, he’s getting paid for it.. it’s his program LOL”

I had enough trouble trying to code in the 1980s on BBC Micros and Commodore 64’s because of my Dyslexia and Number blindness.

I’d be damn proud IF I’d have been able to code something as amazing as Radio DJ but Alas as it is I wouldn’t know where to start.

RadioDJ free radio automation 2016

I’d love to know when it was this user last tried RadioDJ because it has a LOT more features now than it used to have way back on v1.6.0 even then the events had way more options than SAM Broadcaster events do.

How To Install RadioDJ

Fact: RadioDJ is being used by professional FM/AM stations for their music output 24/7 so it can’t be that Inferior now can it?

I’m still confused as to what it is that RadioDJ can’t do that SAM Broadcaster can do TBH, RadioDJ is a feature packed program despite the naysayers.

Last updated on: 11th January 2020
at 21:10 PM Europe/London