There appears to be some confusion about Altacast encoding software it seems people thought it was connected to RadioDJ.

Nope! Altacast is/was coded by a completely different person who seems to have disappeared off the Internet

Important: Altacast Plugin for RadioDJ will NOT function with RadioDJ v2.0.0 you’ll be stuck on v1.8.2 if you wish to keep using that UNSUPPORTED plugin.

Marius the author of RadioDJ isn’t responsible for Altacast in any way shape or form. It was always a third party plugin

Marius removed the Altacast sub-forum recently because the software is thought to be breaking DMCA rules somewhere (Don’t ask us how we don’t know either)

“We were notified that the Altacast encoder is violating DMCA and as a result I will remove all related stuff from this forum, For support, please contact its author and don’t use our forum”

So that means you cannot now ask for help with Altacast on the RadioDJ forums. The moderators will most likely pull any posts pertaining to the software should anyone ask for help with it.

As always if you are having issues with the Altacast plugin then we suggest that you switch to a standalone encoding program instead.

There are some FREE encoding programs and some paid for it’s up to you which one you choose. Do your research first!

Having a standalone encoder allow RadioDJ to do what it does best – automate!

Please Note: We also cannot give help and advice with Altacast due to the fact its NOT our program either. So please don’t ask us.

Last updated on: 11th March 2019
at 18:38 PM Europe/London