We first discovered & started using RadioDJ radio automation software way back in 2010 but it was 2011 before we used it full time.

We started looking for another automation solution because SAM Broadcaster was getting annoying & just wouldn’t work as it was supposed to.

“SAM Broadcaster went wrong so frequently it got to the point where it was beyond annoying. It even had me doubting my ability as a radio DJ”

SAM Broadcaster unable to send data fast enough

Problems with SAM ranged from the encoders buffering to it not loading items into the queue from the clockwheel rotation. Even though the program had plenty of music to choose from.

In the 8 or so years I used SAM Broadcaster everything that could go wrong did eventually go wrong.

I was lucky if I could go more than 2/3 days without the program crashing or malfunctioning. Where as RadioDJ held up for weeks without a single issue.

“We’ve yet to encounter the same sort of problems with RadioDJ that we were experiencing with SAM Broadcaster”

RadioDJ loads tracks, loads events, automates & cross fades without any issues.

RadioDJ just works it doesn’t whinge or complain & it’s rare for the program to actually crash.

The only time we ever have to restart RadioDJ is when Windows updates require a restart or when there’s an update for the program.

We’ve also yet to have a major database failure with RadioDJ.

“RadioDJ has a more robust database structure its rare for it to go wrong. With SAM Broadcaster we were having to manually rebuild the database every few days/weeks because it was so unstable and kept crashing to the point where it couldn’t be repaired”

With RadioDJ you’re able to backup your database at a set time everyday with the database setup tool.

Which is handy in the unlikely event of something going wrong with the database (Power Cut/PC Failure etc.) It makes moving RadioDJ between machines really easy too.

That is something you cannot do with SAM Broadcaster without having to use external tools such as MySQL workbench or a batch file (.bat) to backup your data.

“If you’ve been having “Issues” with SAM Broadcaster then you really need to switch to RadioDJ free radio automation software”

Indeed what a difference 8 Years Makes…

8 years ago we had nothing but stress trying to work SAM Broadcaster.

Now we don’t have any & I’ve never had to curse at RadioDJ!

RadioDJ is stable, reliable and really rock solid! We can leave RadioDJ alone to do it’s own thing.

How To Install RadioDJ

We’ve tested nearly every automation program on the market & we’ve come to the conclusion that other radio automation software can’t hold a candle (or FOUR) to RadioDJ.

“Thank you Marius you’ve made RadioDJ automation software a world beating program & long may it continue!”

Did we mention RadioDJ was FREE? (No Catches, No Hidden Costs, No Registration Keys, No activations)

Last updated on: 25th June 2019
at 17:22 PM Europe/London