It was around late 2010 when I discovered RadioDJ. I did a Google search for another radio automation program because SAM Broadcaster was being a royal pain in the butt and just wasn’t living up to the hype.

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RadioDJ free radio automation came up in the search results & I was intrigued so decided to install it to see what the program could do.

It turned out to be one of the best discoveries I’d ever made via a Google search.

We finally switched to RadioDJ full time on New years day 2011 after SAM Broadcaster had gone horribly wrong on us overnight.

A couple of months later v1.6.0 came out and that was even better than the version.

RadioDJ 1.6.0

We had 1Two copies of 1.6.0 running at one point & the only reason we ever needed to restart the program was usually Windows update wanting to reboot the PC.

(1One for our local stream and one as backup for another radio station)

Just when we’d got used to RadioDJ v1.6.0 along came the beta versions we seemed to spend months testing those new versions. With new plugins, improved sound processing and a redesigned interface.

It was fun spending time beta testing, even in the beta stages RadioDJ was a lot more robust and reliable than SAM.

RadioDJ Beta Version

RadioDJ makes playing music FUN you can just leave it to do it’s own thing it doesn’t even use that much CPU/Memory either!

“RadioDJ is the most perfect piece of software we’ve ever had installed. It works when we need it and even starts up from hibernation without any issues. Its never crashed when we’ve been using it”

We’re currently waiting for the next version which we believe contains even more goodies and improvements.

RadioDJ v2.0.0 was released in December 2017.

Did we mention RadioDJ was FREE? Well it is despite what some blog posts may try and make out.

The only thing we’ve paid since 2010 was a donation to the developer as a thank you for such brilliant software.

FACT: RadioDJ happens to be stable & reliable when compared to other radio automation packages that you pay $$$ for.

One of the best points about RadioDJ is you can catalogue your music collection the way you want it & the MySQL database is also pretty robust and doesn’t tend to go wrong that often.

RadioDJ comes with a database backup tool so should the worst happen you still have your database with all its songs.

TIP: Back up your database to a USB pen drive then you have your songs to hand should you need to restore your data. Just run “relocate tracks” from the utilities menu in RadioDJ to find them again.

From humble beginnings RadioDJ free radio automation software is now being discovered by more and more by DJ’s and stations, there were over 200,000 downloads of v1.8.2.

Unlike other radio automation software you are free to install & use as many copies of RadioDJ that you need.

You just need a separate database and virtual audio cable for each instance of the program.

There are no limitations on its use.

Install RadioDJ today and you too can have a stress free music automation experience!

Download RadioDJ v2
“People say we’re biased when it comes to RadioDJ. No not in the slightest, We can’t help it if the software is so brilliantly coded by its author Marius Vaida, We just let people know how good the software is via social media, There’s nothing remotely wrong in doing so either!”

I’d have been this passionate about “Other” software had that performed to the standards of RadioDJ but it never even came close.

Last updated on: 14th June 2018
at 10:09 AM Europe/London