Saw a post on the RadioDJ forums from a new user who stated he was restarting his computer weekly.

When asked why he was restarting his PC weekly he came back with this…

“It’s called “SAMitis”… Precautionary settings”

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Another user replied stating the longest he’d had RadioDJ up and running was around 234 days without restart.

“4 editions of RadioDJ v1.8.2 running 24/7 on one PC as silence detection and non-stop playout at a local radio station. Longest time running was 234 days without restart”

That’s the great thing with RadioDJ once setup and working it just seems to keep chugging along doing what it’s supposed to.

Best part about RadioDJ is the fact it’s 100% FREE for use by ANY radio station or DJ (budding/professional) anywhere in the world.

You’ll find RadioDJ will make your life less stressful and it will make your Internet radio stream sound AWESOME!

How To Install RadioDJ

The only time your PC should need restarting is after Windows updates there’s no avoiding them! Unless you stop the service altogether. Although that is not recommended you need Windows updates to keep your computer up to date with the latest security patches.

Update: January 2017: Read the follow on to this article 365 days without a restart

Update: December 2017: Read the follow on to this article 2 years Uptime

Last updated on: 9th October 2019
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