As the downloads of v.1.8.2 on the RadioDJ website hurtle towards 200,000 you have to admit the software must be making a difference in the world of radio automation.

Its not just the RadioDJ website where people have been downloading the software we’ve had around 20,000 downloads off our servers too.

The software was also hosted in several other websites so we may not know the actual figure of RadioDJ v1.8.2 downloads.

(Yes we’re fully aware not all of those 220,000+ downloaders will be using the software but a great deal of people are)

RadioDJ free radio automation software

We can see why RadioDJ is becoming more and more popular, The fact its free is a bonus, Then you add in the fact its ultra reliable and incredibly stable of course its going to be used by people to run their stations

200K+ of downloads of RadioDJ makes me incredibly happy as our promotion of the software on social media is obviously paying off.

“RadioDJ is now more powerful than some of the paid for offerings such as SAM Broadcaster”

We rarely have an issue with the software we can load a rotation, turn on AutoDJ & click play and RadioDJ does the rest.

We first discovered the software via a Google search in November 2010 and we’ve not really looked back since.

Its been rock solid in all that time on the various machines used to run the software.

If there has been an issue its been something going wrong with the hardware on the computer, Disk drives failing has been the biggest issue.

Another user has had his copy of RadioDJ 1.8.2 running for over 24 months now without restart.

We can’t wait to see what goodies the next version brings hopefully that will be even better than the current offering.

(The next version of RadioDJ may have some paid for features but the program will still be free for those who require basic automation)

Congratulations Marius on making such an AMAZING piece of software, Long may it continue!

I could wax lyrical about the software all day long funny I couldn’t say that about other software I’ve used over the years.

Haven’t tried RadioDJ yet? Why not download it and Install it for yourself.

Update: 22nd December 2017

A new version of RadioDJ has been released its generally recommended you update.

Download RadioDJ v2

Last updated on: 10th July 2018
at 10:43 AM Europe/London