I saw there had been an update for Radiocaster the stand alone encoding software from DJSoft.

Radio caster 2.5.0

I downloaded and installed it to do a few tests again. Not much appears to have changed really since I last tested version 2.3.0.

The demo still has the annoying “Stream encoded by Radiocaster” popping up every few minutes.

We can’t really test something that puts audio over the stream now can we?

I’ve said it before to the developer of Radiocaster: Surely limiting the demo to a few hours streaming would be better for people to be able to evaluate the program? (Even the SAM Broadcaster demo comes with 51 hours use before you have to pay for the program)

We couldn’t help but notice the price of Radiocaster has also gone up, It now costs $49.95 (up from $39.95) and the EULA now states that only 1 copy of Radiocaster can be installed on one PC at anytime so you’re out of luck if you wanted to use it to stream 2 stations.

While Radiocaster appears to be an OK stand alone encoding program, We come to the conclusion that you could achieve the same thing with other freely available encoding software


If the limitations on the demo version (and full version) weren't so harsh we might have been able to test it properly.

Last updated on: February 16th, 2018
at 13:33 PM Europe/London

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