RadioCaster ($49.95)

Recently I went to try & test this piece of standalone encoding software from the same developer who codes RadioBoss.


It was easy enough to setup and configure. I had a Shoutcast stream going in about 3 minutes.

It seems like a decent piece of encoding software but I haven’t been able to test a stream properly because of a “voice” over the stream every so often in the demo.

Surely limiting it to a certain number of uses would be better than a horrible voice over the stream after so many minutes?

“DJSoft and other software creators have become so scared someone will try and crack their paid for software offerings that they feel the need to resort to severely limiting the demo versions”

The way DJsoft’s software is activated has changed it requires online activation these days whereas before it was just a name and the keycode to register it.

Plus you can only run one copy of the software per computer so the software is useless for you if you’re planning on running more than one stream with the software.


Radiocaster seems like a decent piece of encoding software but again you could achieve the same with other freely available solutions

We think we’ll be sticking with the free encoding programs we found that work just as well as RadioCaster.

Last updated on: 26th June 2019
at 11:19 AM Europe/London