I thought it was about time I did a post comparing RadioBoss against RadioDJ

Multiple Instances:NoYes
Trial Periods:150 uses/5 HoursNone
Online activation:YesNo
Registration Keys:YesNo
Supported OS:Windows 7/8/10Windows 7/8/10
Built In Encoders:YesNo6
Audio Processing:Yes (built in)Yes (built in)
Aux players:NoneCustomisable
Supported Databases:MySQL/Flat file2MySQL
Stability:Unknown3Reliable and stable
Ease of use:Can be difficult to setup & use4Easy to install and use
Support:Via the Helpdesk or ForumsVia the Community Forum
File Types:mp3/aac/wma/flac/ogg/ape/opusmp3/wma/ogg/flac/wav5
Restrictions:Only 1 copy per computerNone

So there you are we’ve compared those two pieces of radio automation software and again come to the same conclusion that RadioBoss is far too awkward to setup for a novice where as RadioDJ is easier to setup and use.

RadioBoss is another piece of software that we can’t see the “Value” in.

We’re also confused as to why RadioBoss relies on winamp.exe What’s wrong can’t DJ soft code his own plugins?


Radioboss not so much a ‘Boss’ of radio automation its more like the Tea Boy of radio automation software.

Last updated on: 14th December 2019
at 17:06 PM Europe/London