Downloaded RadioBoss to test to see if anything had changed since my last foray into the software.

I installed it and dragged a folder of music into the playlist, Then went on to try and configure the program and audio settings.

I configured the built in EQ and used the same compressor settings I use in RadioDJ, Even with the built in sound processing the music still sounded quiet compared to the music levels in other software.

The audio levels were all over the place on a couple of tracks, quiet then loud, I have no idea what was causing that as all my files are volume levelled before I import them into software.

The crossfade/playback fading settings were a bit confusing they’re not as straight forward as they should be, After 15/20 minutes playing with them I still wasn’t getting what I call a ‘smooth’ crossfade between tracks.

I have a reasonable knowledge radio/music automation software just this program has far too many options to set various parts of it up.

The program appears to have a song request system now but I really cannot find much information on how you utilise songs requests in RadioBoss.

Even the built in help manual doesn’t give you much to go on.

The fact RadioBoss still relies on a flat file (.txt .xml) based system is one of its major downsides.

All in all its a very confusing awkward & fiddly program to setup, Its nowhere near as good as RadioDJ

I tried to give RadioBoss a chance but realised it was exactly the same as last time I tried to test it.


Radioboss not a ‘Boss’ of radio automation its more like the Tea Boy of radio automation.

In Short: You’d be better off if you used RadioDJ free radio automation its not as fiddly to setup as RadioBoss.

How To Install RadioDJ

Last updated on: 5th October 2019
at 09:40 AM Europe/London