It’s NOT only pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster we see the software pirates searching for via Google analytics.

“RadioBoss Crack” appeared in among the search results on Google analytics recently


It seems there’s still a HUGE problem with people wanting to crack/patch certain pieces of radio automation software.

“We guess this is because most of the kids who get into Internet radio as a hobby can’t afford $$$ for software”

The author of RadioBoss/RadioCaster has recently changed the way his software requires activation, Which we guess is to try and stem the amount of people using pirated copies of his software.

Of course there is NO need for anyone to be using pirated/cracked copies of radio automation software.

When you have RadioDJ for FREE. (Yes Really!)

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Download RadioDJ v2

RadioDJ doesn’t require any keys/patches/cracks to work the full program.

If you Install RadioDJ you will find it works far better than any old copies of pirated radio automation software you might find scattered around the Internet.

You won’t be putting your computer at risk of malware or viruses if you use FREE software! Most of the patches/cracks we’ve tested in the past had really bad malware in them.

This further proves our point that there are people out there who will do anything they can to bypass the registration/key requirement in some radio automation software.

If you’ve recently downloaded and installed a cracked copy of a program & you’re finding your computer crashes a lot, That’s probably down to a dodgy virus or malware in the patch or crack. We suggest you remove the pirated software and run a virus check & maybe even reinstall Windows from scratch. As that’s the only way you will rid of any Trojans/Viruses on your PC!

RadioBoss crack? NO need! Stop looking for pirated software!

No one likes software pirates!

Last updated on: 12th July 2017
at 11:02 AM Europe/London