I was made aware of a link recently offering a crack of the software Radiocaster 2.8.0 by DJsoft.

I see stuff like this quite often on the Internet as well as other cracks & patches for other well known radio automation software.

Radio Caster Crack 2.8.0

I ran the various crack/patch files through Virus Total…

The actual results are Here

I only downloaded the patches out of curiosity so I was able to warn people about the PITFALLS of using pirated software.

Yet again people DON’T need pirated copies of encoding software such as Radiocaster.

There are a couple of stand alone encoding solutions available for FREE.

1) Sound Empire Caster ($0.00)

Sound Empire caster 1.2.7

Sound Empire Caster can stream to Shoutcast V1/v2 & Icecast. Its easy enough to configure an encoder.

Download SE Caster Here

Just unzip the program folder and place on the C:\ drive outside of the program folder.

Sound Empire Caster supports DSP plugins so it may be an alternative if you still want to use DSP sound processing. Just place the required DSP files in the SECaster program folder.

2) MB Recaster MB Recaster

Download MB Recaster

How To Activate An Encoder

That’s just two pieces of encoding software that I know of that don’t need a crack patch for you to use.

Using pirated software isn’t BIG and it most certainly isn’t CLEVER.

As you’ve already seen using pirated software can come with some NASTY surprises for the unwary…

I’m at a loss as to why people go to these lengths just to get a fully working copy of software that can cost $$$!

Radio Caster Crack? AGAIN – NO NEED!

Last updated on: 24th November 2019
at 10:20 AM Europe/London