How to re-enable all your tracks

If you store your music on an external hard drive, and accidentally fire up RadioDJ with the drive unplugged, this won’t cause a problem unless you also start playing, and you’ll quickly end up with a lot of disabled tracks.

This can easily be resolved with the database utility and a short SQL script.

One word of caution, this will re-enable all tracks, including any you’ve manually disabled.
  1. Open HeidiSQL log into your database and paste the following query into the query tab and click on the blue (play button at the top) to execute the query
  2. update songs
    set enabled='1'
    where enabled='-1'

    This should now return no “disabled” or “not found” results and all your tracks have been re-enabled. You can check that from Tracks manager.

    Last updated on: 7th February 2018
    at 11:14 AM Europe/London