Promises Promises Spacial Audio.

I’ve been made aware of some of the contents of Spacial Audio’s latest newsletter.

This year they promise the earth yet again & they also promise to work hard. (We will believe that when we see it!)

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They are also promising SAM Broadcaster for the MAC this year.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

it would be nice if for once Spacial actually concentrated on making SAM Broadcaster work properly on Windows before they start off with promises of a version for the Mac.

Of course we have heard this all before!

“They make promises in January and by the time December rolls around they haven’t achieved a great deal. While still raking in the cash from the yearly subscriptions”

In 2013 they promised a third deck which never materialised and then most of 2014 was spent concentrating on SAM Vibe (Now rebranded SAM Broadcaster Cloud) which most users don’t want to use.

If you’re fed up with Spacial and their constant broken promises vote with your wallets and DON’T subscribe to SAM Broadcaster 2015.

Switch to RadioDJ free radio automation software instead.

RadioDJ doesn’t require keys or subscriptions and is better programmed than SAM Broadcaster.

Download RadioDJ v2

Your wallet will thank you in the long run when you’re not paying out $$$ every year, plus you won’t have to put up with Spacial and their PR bullshit!

Last updated on: 26th May 2017
at 13:04 PM Europe/London