Promises as broken as their product!

So 2014 has been & gone & Spacial Audio only released 7 versions of SAM Broadcaster in 2014.

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It would appear to all intents and purposes that Spacial are still not listening to their customer base and still not fixing bugs or including new features in SAM Broadcaster 2014 It’s been all about SAM Vibe and SAM Broadcaster Live DJ.

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I gather most users of SAM Broadcaster don’t seem to want the integration of SAM Vibe. (Now: SAM Broadcaster Cloud)

It seems it’s the same old story when it comes to Spacial Audio and SAM Broadcaster.

In 2013 they sent out emails promising the introduction of a 3rd deck in the program in 2014.

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As you can see from the above screenshot it appears the 3rd deck never materialised in the 2014 versions of SAM.

Yet again another broken promise!

Our advice as always is vote with your wallets and don’t buy anything from Spacial.

Switch to the better and free RadioDJ instead and you will be a lot happier in the long run.

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Forget Spacial Audio LLC and their products they seem to have lost all interest in actually releasing software that works.

“It seems Spacial’s promises are as broken as their product”

Last updated on: 26th May 2017
at 13:08 PM Europe/London