This program had been on my radar for quite a while I hadn’t had the chance to test it until recently.

The results weren’t great I’m afraid.

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After it had imported 800 of the tracks. I switched it to auto DJ mode and clicked play on one of the decks and NOTHING happened.

The selected track wasn’t showing as playing in the deck and the countdown timer wasn’t even moving.

Although it would appear the songs were actually playing I just couldn’t see them playing.

Here’s what another user had to say about the software.

Seems he pretty much thought the same as me about play it live its utter tosh!

Another user posted this on Social Media

Then there’s the reports of frequent crashes with the software.

PlayitLive crash

Radio software shouldn’t crash on a user while they are using it for a live radio show it makes the DJ look stupid and NO DJ wants ‘That’ feeling.

On the whole program needs a lot more work on it to get it ready for a DJ to use live on air as its stands now its an amateurish piece of software..

**Update** (June 2017)

Just went to test the newest version and it appears it now require activating online before you can use it.

Plus the EULA for the software is now somewhat laughable.

So the software isn’t totally free then? Charging people Extra to use Voicetracking is only going to make users look elsewhere for software that supports this out of the box!

Dictating what people can and can’t do with your software is only going to lead them to use something comes without any such silly limitations.

It also appears that the developer of PlayItLive also charges extra for stuff like the Now Playing Plugin and Audio Processing… They’re both free in RadioDJ.

Think we’ll stick with RadioDJ as that doesn’t require needless online activations or silly registrations, The audio processing is free as is a now playing plugin that can post to multiple locations.

We’re sure as hell not registering to use a piece of software that’s going to put a lot of people off using the software.


In Short: If it wasn’t for the activation & import issues I might have been able to test it properly, Plus the charges for ‘extras’ is going to put a lot of other users off when they can get those features FREE in other software.

Switch to RadioDJ it doesn’t require registration nor does it crash when setup and running.

How To Install RadioDJ

Last updated on: 6th December 2019
at 16:23 PM Europe/London