Certain people in the Internet radio community reckoned we ran a pirate radio station & some people also reckon that I have done work for pirate stations in the past.

Nope completely wrong on all counts!

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AFAIK the stations I’ve worked for were all legit and above board.

I once got asked to work for a pirate station in Scunthorpe in the late 1980s but also declined that offer.

When it comes to streaming a station I only ever streamed music for me to listen to via a private internal shoutcast server I never made it public.

(Which we no longer need because we’ve bought a Chromecast)

What really gets my back up on this subject is the fact that there are so many stations listed on various radio guide websites who have never owned a licence to stream.

Some of those stations have been going over 16 years. I won’t name names but you just know a pirate station on the Internet when you come across one.

No one it seems pulls them up about not having a licence for their music.

I am still streaming my music via a private server Chromecast and I intend to carry on doing so.

Now piss off and find someone else to harass!

Last updated on: 26th March 2018
at 15:58 PM Europe/London