Certain people in the Internet radio community reckoned we ran a pirate radio station & some people also reckon that I have done work for pirate stations in the past.

Nope completely wrong on all counts!

The stations I’ve done shows for were all legit and above board.

I once got asked to work for a pirate station in Scunthorpe but also declined that offer.

“When it comes to streaming I’ve only ever worked for handful of online radio stations & ran a backup stream for another radio station whose owner was paying for a PRS licence”

I also ran a Private internal Shoutcast DNAS stream (Before we bought the Chromecast) the Shoutcast server was never made public.

What really gets my back up on this subject is the fact that there are so 100’s of stations listed on various radio guide websites that have never owned a licence to stream AFAIK.

Some of those stations have been going over 19 years. I won’t name names but you just know a Pirate station on the Internet when you come across one.

No one it seems pulls them up about not having a licence to stream with, At least that’s how it looks to me.

I am streaming my music via a Chromecast these days & what I get up to is of NO concern of yours anyway I’m a BIG boy now!

Now piss off and find someone else to harass!

Last updated on: 27th July 2018
at 09:10 AM Europe/London