OK so software is never 100% foolproof…

If the worst happens and something should go wrong when installing or configuring software and you ask for help on the software manufacturers forum it might help if you supply details of any error messages or crash reports when you post.

RadioDJ .NET errors usually look like this. Though it’s rare to see one once the software is properly setup.

RadioDJ .NET error

You copy the error message from the “details” window & paste that info onto the forums using the code tags (#) button at the top of the post builder.

Or RadioDJ errors are logged into the Windows event viewer if you’ve enabled error reporting.

Start > Control Panel > Administrative tools > Event Viewer > Windows Logs

Windows event viewer

Just saying things like this without providing any info.

“Oh But the software crashes on startup”

Won’t get you much help with your issue (if any)

It’s actually rare for RadioDJ to go wrong so my guess is you’ve screwed something up during the Install of the program.

If you want your problem solving you are going to have to start giving more information when you post asking for help.

Other users can’t help you if you don’t supply all the information about your issue!

You’ve possibly NOT done any of the following.

A) You haven’t ran the program with FULL “Administrator” privileges.
B) You’ve installed RadioDJ into the programs folder when it should be on the C:\ drive outside of the programs folder.
C) .NET might have become corrupted & may need Repairing
D) You might also need to switch off User Account Control (UAC)

If you try those steps and the problem still exists then something else is wrong somewhere, Maybe a hard drive or other computer hardware is on its way out.

Just make sure YOU supply all the details about your issues and your problem may be solved a lot quicker.

Remember People are NOT mind readers!

Last updated on: 12th July 2018
at 10:19 AM Europe/London