I often see posts from people on forums saying that their PC constantly crashes or is slow and sluggish. There are several easy solutions to stop this from happening.

If your PC is slow and not working as well as it should then we highly recommend that you try CCleaner from Piriform.


1) Install CCleaner and configure it to clean out temp files.
2) Run CCleaner to clean out your temp and junk files.
3) Run a registry scan (This may take a while on first run) when prompted click on “Fix All Issues” and allow CCleaner to fix them for you.
4) Run a Defrag of your C:\ drive
5) Reboot your PC you should notice a huge difference in performance.

Another tip for better PC performance is do NOT allow applications to install toolbars on your browsers, Most of them are riddled with spyware.

Make sure you run CCleaner at least once a week/month so you don’t have junk files slowing everything down.

You’ll be thankful in the long run!

Also worth remembering that running too many programs at one time can also slow your PC down.

Sometimes Anti-virus programs can hog most of the resources on your PC (Esp Norton)

Last updated on: 7th November 2017
at 13:12 PM Europe/London