Pay for PAL scripts?

This is another website that popped up on my radar recently called PAL Scripts offering paid for PAL (Playlist Automation Language) scripts and an SQL repair service for SAM Broadcaster Pro.

Screenshot from 2013-03-12 11:08:35

What’s wrong with that I hear you ask?

The problem is they are asking people to pay $$$ for PAL scripts most of which were once FREELY available from the Spacial Audio forums.

They also offer to fix common SAM Broadcaster problems starting at $30 an hour. Which we seem to think is a bit expensive.

Especially when SAM Broadcaster Pro/Studio is so unstable and badly coded.

It’s worth pointing out here that SAM Broadcaster is prone to crashing without warning if a PAL script isn’t written properly.

A badly written PAL script can cause lots of memory leaks and can also cause SAM Broadcaster to crash and burn…

Make the switch to RadioDJ FREE Radio Automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ doesn’t require any PAL scripts in order for the program to function.

The newer versions of RadioDJ have a feature called Track(s) from SQL query


Which seem a lot less complicated than learning how to get PAL scripts to work correctly. Plus tracks from an SQL query shouldn’t cause RadioDJ to stop working.

Money for old rope springs to mind with paid for PAL scripts

Last updated on: 10th November 2019
at 09:30 AM Europe/London