I suffer with Osteoarthritis as well as Spondylolysis in my lower back & last year I was referred to a Pain management Company by my Doctor because the current pain medication is sadly only masking the associated pain rather than solving it.

“InHealth Pain Management Solutions is an independent healthcare company. We work exclusively with the NHS delivering community pain clinics in 23 different CCG contract areas providing over 6,500 patient consultations a month”

“Working with you, our multi-disciplinary team will develop an individualised pain management plan based on the best available evidence and your individual goals. This may include our range of pain management programmes and interventions designed to help you improve the quality of your life despite your chronic pain”

The people running the sessions seemed to be really overbearing and really nagged at you to do things even if you said you weren’t able to do them because of the pain.

Seems I’m not the only person that thought that.

“Never been spoken to in such a condescending manner. Nothing of value given so was asked did I wish to go on to next plan we’ll never achieved anything off first but feel you have too. There is no point to this service it’s third rate and money should be better well spent on offering more hydrotherapy or time in heated pools things which are proven to help”

The exercises they suggested would have caused me more pain.

I also had an injection in my lower back and that only appeared to last about a week. Back to square one with the pain in my lower back.

I last saw one of their representatives over 8 months ago now “Your next appointment will be in the post” was the last thing the woman I saw said to me as I hobbled out…

As far as I can see they’re not interested in peoples pain getting better, all they care about is the money they’re getting from the NHS for what I can only described as Voodoo/Witchcraft solutions to pain.

I’d go as far as saying they are nothing but frauds… My pain is as bad as ever and it seems I’ve been forgotten by “The system”

“Why does the NHS pay for this. I’ve been through 4 rounds of different pain management programs and this is by far the worst and the biggest waste of time”

I’ve just left a review on an NHS website they aren’t doing the job that they claim to be able to do IMHO!

Last updated on: 1st August 2018
at 13:37 PM Europe/London