Its A False-Positive End Of Story! (RadioDJ & Antivirus Software)

A few users of RadioDJ recently took to the RadioDJ forums to vent their frustrations over their antivirus software claiming there was a Trojan in the program files and that their PC wouldn’t let them download/install it.

RadioDJ free radio automation 2016

We had a similar warning from Windows Defender on Windows 10 about the RadioDJ reports .exe file which we chose to ignore we just added the RadioDJ program folder to the exclusion list.

You won’t have these issues if you tell antivirus software to ignore certain folders/files/paths.

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Last updated on: 8th November 2019
at 06:55 AM Europe/London

Radio DJ PHP Request Script

A while back my Code Monkey wrote a request template for RadioDJ

radioDJ request script basic

We also added a random song selector which was loosely based on a script I complied years ago, It gives the request script that bit of a boost.

It would also work great in a Bar for a Jukebox.

You can change the colours of the buttons in the new CSS file that comes with the script if you know your HEX codes it should be easy to change colours to fit in with you website.

Because everyone has a favourite colour right?

Important you use/modify this script at your own risk, We cannot be held liable if it goes wrong on your web server.

You can download the script by clicking the button below.

RadioDJ Request Template

Please note I am unable to give help and support with this script as my programming skills and time are limited.

If you don’t know what you’re doing then consult Google for answers.

Last updated on: 5th March 2020
at 14:30 PM Europe/London