Bring On The Rc!

Since August last year we have had no less than 33 beta versions of RadioDJ to test.

We now have what looks like a totally different piece of software from the last stable version 1.6.0

Workspace 1_002

Now armed with some really great features RadioDJ is going to give other automation software makers a right royal headache.

These are just some of the great features this newer version has.

  • Automatically overlap sweepers over start/intro/end;
  • Voicetracking support;
  • Integrated Shoutcast/Icecast encoder (by plugin);
  • Now playing artist-title exported to file, web or serial (by plugin);
  • Custom number of auxiliary players (by plugin);
  • Audio Processor plugin (with AGC, Compressor and 10 band Equalizer);
  • Auto skip silence from start and end of the tracks;
  • Backup and restore database option;
  • History window;
  • Intro countdown;
  • Time until sweeper countdown;
  • Time calculations for easier back-timing in live operation;
  • Advanced reporting system;
  • Integrated advanced search;
  • Integrated web browser (by plugin);
  • Every event is announced in the main window, a minute before launching;
  • User set colors for cartwall buttons;
  • Artwork support (by plugin);
  • The next major release will see the program come into the RC stage (Release Candidate) which means the program is just about ready for use in a production environment although I have been streaming my station with most of the beta versions.

    Cheers Marius for all your hard work and great programming skills. We would also like to thank SnowHow for his contribution to the software with his plugins.

    So bring on the RC!! RadioDJ is truly a force to be reckoned with.

    Don’t believe us? Give it a try RadioDJ Download It’s FREE so what have you got to lose?

    Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
    at 16:23 PM Europe/London

    Topping And Butch.

    One of the funniest cabaret acts I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on stage has to the fantastic Topping and Butch.

    I first met Topping when he was part of an act with Dave Lynn back in the early 90’s whilst working at a pub in Islington.

    You may also have heard them on BBC Radio 4 “Loose ends” with their topical ditty “Never Mind”.


    One of their best songs in their act was “Gaydar the Musical” a parody set to various musicals about the Gay dating site Gaydar.

    Another one of their more Risqué songs has to be their take on the Les Miserable’s “Master of the House”.

    They can still be found performing at many venues throughout the UK and sometimes the Edinburgh festival.

    Their website gives more information about them.

    I would like to thank Topping and Butch for all the laughs and the innuendo whenever I’ve seen them perform.

    Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
    at 16:14 PM Europe/London

    Spacial Should Be Worried.

    So we’re nearly out of the beta stage with the new version of RadioDJ v1.6.3.2 it seems to be really stable and runs like a dream.

    Spacial Audio should really start getting worried as RadioDJ is now 100% better than SAM Broadcaster ever could be.

    Workspace 1_001

    With various plugins for RadioDJ now you have a fully fledged next generation radio automation program.

    It now has streaming capabilities with the encoding plugin.

    With the sound processing plugin you shouldn’t need any external processing like Breakaway/Stereo tool.

    There is just the online request system to come and “Bang” you have a rival to SAM Broadcaster!

    So what would you rather do?

    A) Pay $299 upwards for a copy of SAM Broadcaster and wait years for new features?

    B) Use a free program such as Radio DJ? Which has new features added with every release?

    We know which option we would pick. Option B RadioDJ all the way,

    RadioDJ is absolutely fantastic and for a FREE program you cant really go wrong.

    (Yes it really is free despite what some software blogs may tell you)

    Seriously ditch SAM Broadcaster and start using RadioDJ

    You’ll be glad you made the switch!

    Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
    at 16:23 PM Europe/London

    Dubh Chapter – Happy Is The Bride (Eg Records 1990)

    Yet another one of my finds from the “Bargain bin” in Record Village in Scunthorpe.

    I liked this track as soon as I heard it & It really hasn’t been far away from my playlist since.

    Dubh Chapter – Happy is The Bride (EG Records 1990).



    Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
    at 15:21 PM Europe/London

    Protocol – There’s No Holding Back (Hit The Deck Records 1987)

    Hands up Kids!

    Who remembers Grange Hill? OK so that’s probably most of you.

    Everyone will remember Ant Jones who was bullied by Mr Bronson and also featured on the anti drugs single “Just say no”.

    The guy who played him was “Ricky Simmons” & he had a stab at pop stardom with his band “Protocol”.

    I remember him plugging this song at an under 18’s night in Scunthorpe @JJ’z nightclub on a Monday night (Aka Nappy Night).

    I later found the 7″ single on sale in the bargain bin in “Our Price” I paid all of 10p for it (Bargain)

    Protocol – There’s No Holding Back (Hit the Deck Records 1987)


    Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
    at 15:24 PM Europe/London

    Explains A Lot About Sam Broadcaster

    So the truth is finally out. We now know the reason SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x series won’t work on Windows 8/10.

    Click to enlarge

    It would appear SAM Broadcaster is written is Borland/Embarcadero Delphi. A programming language that most developers abandoned years ago.

    Most software developers write stuff in C++ now or C# these days, That explains a lot about SAM Broadcaster

    It’s also possibly why the program is so prone to crashing and hogging so many system resources.

    We always knew there was something about the program being badly designed and thanks to a disgruntled Spacial customer it’s been revealed.

    Who on earth uses Borland/Embarcadero Delphi?

    It’s almost akin to using Front page for websites.

    Our advice to anyone thinking about buying SAM Broadcaster from Spacial Audio is: DON’T DO IT!

    You will only be paying Spacial to make even more bad software. Switch to RadioDJinstead.

    Radio DJ is free and is written for .NET and works on XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10 & it doesn’t crash or whinge like SAM Broadcaster does.

    Last updated on: March 27th, 2017
    at 07:16 AM Europe/London

    A Tribe Of Toffs – Terry Wogan’s On Tv (Again!)

    A Tribe of Toffs are best known for their song for their Song “John Kettley is a Weatherman” which was a minor hit in the UK charts.

    The follow up was “Terry Wogan’s on TV (Again!)” according to the Guinness book of singles It never charted.

    I own a copy which again was found it in the “Bargain Bin” at Record Village in Scunthorpe. I think I paid 50p for the 7″ single in 1990.


    However Cheesy the song may be. It is still a Damn Fine Tune!! Pity it wasn’t a bigger hit than John Kettley.

    Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
    at 17:46 PM Europe/London

    I Grew Up In A Strange Era

    I was born in 1972 when Little Jimmy Osmond – Long haired lover from Liverpool was at No1 in the UK charts.

    I grew up with a strange mix of music in the house I grew up in. My Dad would play a mix of country music and oldies.

    Where as my brothers were at the stage where they were influenced by Punk.

    Sham 69 – Joy Division – Sex Pistols – The Clash  – The Lurkers – The Undertones were just a few of the bands they were into.

    My first awakening of popular music was listening to Radio Luxembourg 208 MW under the bed covers on my little battery operated solid state radio.

    Then in 1984 I became a listener of Viking Radio I ended up being a regular listener to the station.

    Later on Viking became part of the Yorkshire radio network. Hallam, Aire, Viking and Pennine all joined together with networked programs. Now owned by Bauer Media.

    In March 1987 I was sent to a youth centre to get me more involved with people my own age (Yes I was SHY).

    That evening I helped the DJ out and had a great night. Later that evening the DJ got into a fight inside the youth centre.

    A week later I showed up at the youth centre to be told I was doing the disco! Here’s the keys said the head youth worker.

    Although I was nervous I seemed to instantly hit it off with the crowd!

    In 1988 I won the “Humberside Youth Association DJ Competition”. The future looked bright (Although it ended up being anything but!)

    That was the beginning of what has turned out to a long journey as a DJ. I’ve done discos in some strange venues over the years.

    In 2002 I got into Internet radio and have worked for a few stations doing 80s music shows.

    I’ve all but given up DJ work these days although I still love my music and help out promoting free software.

    Last updated on: July 31st, 2016
    at 08:25 AM Europe/London

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