Its not particularly hard to do.

We have a centralised database on the local network on the Raspberry PI4 running Raspbian with a MariaDB install and we point the 2 machines running RadioDJ to that. We haven’t tested with other flavours of Linux but we’d imagine they would do the job just as well.

A Windows database install should work just as well,as long as you’ve configured the firewall to allow connections on port 3306.

We don’t recommend doing this using a root user account on your MySQL server though.

You can find out how to create a new SQL user Here

We connect to the MariaDB server using the database setup tool and point that to IP of the PI running the MariaDB database (e.g:

You can find the local IP of the machine running the database by logging into your router admin.

Then we make sure the songs have the same paths on every machine running RadioDJ (e.g: F:\Music)

We took a database back up from one machine and restored that backup on the PI so the songs/categories/events were synced etc…

“Just make sure you regularly backup the database using the database setup tool so you don’t loose all your hard work!”

We hope people find this post easy to understand, It’s not that hard to network different copies of RadioDJ to one database.

Last updated on: 26th September 2019
at 10:23 AM Europe/London